Renato Fenocchio, Contadino in Neive

The vineyards

Vines: Dolcetto for Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera for Barbera d’Alba, Nebbiolo for Barbaresco (Moscato for Moscato d’Asti - not vinified in our winery).

Cissone, Serravalle Langhe

I have been experimenting a new way since 2005:
Fertilizers: manure once every couple of years (+ fertilizers for the leaves).
Herbicydes: not used -the grass is cut by hand twice a year and the soil around the vines is hoed during summer.
Products against diseases: systemic pesticides are not used; we only use copper or sulphur based preparation with a particular attention to the development of the diseases for reducting the quantities of the pesticides; pyrethrum.

Handwork: each plant is cared , at least, 12 times a year.

The results are excellent: the plant is more and more resistant and the quality of the grapes is really good.



Barbaresco, Vigneto Tublè

Neive, Vigneto Starderi

Neive, Vigneto Basarin


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