Renato Fenocchio, Contadino in Neive


I was born on July 28th, 1966 in a country family living in Barbaresco.

At the end of the school, I early started working in my family’s farm, where all the growings were traditional and done by hand.

At the age of 19, I was engaged in one of the most important cellars in Barbaresco and I cared both the works in the vineyards and in the winery, closed to very qualified persons. It was there that I learned that “good wines are made only by good grapes”, i.e. the importance of the quality of primary products in the making of great wines.

In 1993 Milva and I decided to create our own farm, for being able to work in a sustaineable way.



Born “on the hill in front of Renato’s home”, in the borough of Neive, I grew in the vineyards with my parents, both farmers.
I learned working in the vineyards for helping my Mum when I was a child, being charmed by the adults’s wisdom in understanding the growing of the plants and in choosing the best way of working all the times.

When I met Renato, I was at the University, studying Architecture (drawing is another passion of mine). But, while speaking about our great passion for agricolture and, expecially, for vine-growing, we decided to start together a new adventure: our Farm. After I ended my University, I worked as an architect for two years between Milan and Venice and, in the same time, I went on working with Renato.

When Aurora and Elena were born, respectively in 1999 and in 2001, I decided to devote myself to my children and to the farm, in order to raise our girls in a quiet and healty environment.





“…poichè con giusta, ed immutabil legge ai varii luoghi i doni suoi diversi distribuì la provvida natura…”

Publio Virgilio Marone Georgiche, Libro Primo, vv.90-92




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