Renato Fenocchio, Contadino in Neive


The years passed by, the harvests came and I always learned how to work in a better way both in the vineyards and with the wines.
The work was hard but, at the same time, very interesting; then, in 1993 and I decided to start working together and our greatest desire was to continue our parents’s and grandparents’s work: a vine farm. Our aim was to care about the plants and to start producing wine in a more natural way, that is with a special attention for the environment.

So we kept my family’s lands and bought a little vineyard in Neive.
Since those early years our family has grown with the birth of our daughters, Aurora and Elena.
At the same time our farm has also grown -we now have 11 hectares of grapevines in some of the best positions of the Barbaresco wine lands. We have brought back into use the oldest vines, and have also planted some new ones.

The Renato Fenocchio Farm is located in Neive, a small country region which is 10 kms from Alba.
The vineyards are found in the hills of Barbaresco, Neive and Treiso, and have excellent exposure on the gentle hills of “Langhe”at varying altitudes -from 240 to 350 meters above the sea level.
The extremely diverse soils give each vineyard a distinct character. They range from calcarious-clayey soils with sandy emergences in Barbaresco and Treiso to argillous-calcarious sedimentary ground with grey-blue sandstones in Neive.
As a result of the various soil types and growing conditions the grapes produced in our vineyards are extremely different. The vines of each microclimate produces a fruit with a perfume, colour and flavour so unique and distinguishable that wine produced from each vineyard is perfectly recognizable. Our vines are a confirmation of the importance of “terroir” when choosing a quality wine.

Our way of working in the vineyards is not properly organic, but we believe that we can and we must produce in a sustaineable way, in order to protect our land, our health and our future.

Always striving to be great, at the work we love so much.




Place: Neive,
Owners: Renato and Milva Fenocchio
Workers: Renato and Milva, helped by few and very qualified persons
Founded in: 1993
Estates: 11 hectares in the villages of Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso, Cissone e Serravalle
Langhe (CN).


New projects

Two years ago we started planting a new vineyard (that is 2.5 hectare wide) in the oroughs of Cissone and Serravalle Langhe (CN).

The vines planted there are of the kinds Riesling, Pinot Noir, Viognier and Nascetta.




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